Welcome to the Ebensburg Presbyterian Church
200 N. Center Street,
P.O. Box 327, Ebensburg, PA 15931

Ebensburg Lenten Prayer Tree

The Discipleship Committee is sponsoring a Lenten Prayer Tree,
which will remain in the front of the sanctuary throughout Lent.

Beginning March 5th, the congregation is invited to come forward before or after worship
and tie colored ribbons on the tree. The color of the ribbon will indicate the type of prayer that you are praying.

As the crucifixion of our Lord is represented by the bareness of the tree,
the life that we are given by His resurrection is represented by the “blossoms” of all our weekly prayers.
          Purple                 Adoration/Praise
          White                 Courage/Strength
          Yellow                 Healing/Wellness
          Orange    Thanksgiving/Gratitude
          Green             Patience/Endurance


Ebensburg Presbyterians are Christians giving help and hope to all by sharing God’s love.

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